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"Kezia has the special gift of helping and healing, combining wisdom with practical tools..."

Kezia Wellbeing Retreats offer to take you on a journey of Transformation, combining holistic activities such as Yoga and Meditation with complimentary healing therapies, life coaching and counselling set in stunning worldwide locations or on your doorstep….wherever and whenever you need it.

Kezia Kaur signature wellness programme is the foundation of all our Retreats bringing 2000 year old teachings and philosophies, tastefully rejuvenated for the modern day escapee…Bespoke Beautiful Experiences evoking emotions you may wish to explore.

“Take a leap of faith with me as I guide you, nurture you, and awaken your inner consciousness to find renewed inspiration, peace and harmony. Kezia Kaur




About Kezia
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Kezia Kaur offers personalised ‘one to one’ Transformational Retreats and special Group Retreats taking people on a very personal journey towards health, healing and finding their true purpose and passion leading to a rich rewarding life for themselves and others.


Kezia invites you to take your life in your hands and in doing so help to play your part in making the world a better place.


Specialising in complimentary healing therapies, rejuvenation programs combined with an intuitive cleansing of mind, body and soul inspired by ancient Eastern techniques and philosophies. Kezia possesses natural inherent healing abilities translated through a myriad of energy bodywork disciplines such as Reiki, Chakra energy balancing and reflexology that are conducive for health and wellbeing.


Her natural healing abilities and her own life journey have given her a special empathy for people suffering from burnout, depression, fear, bereavement and loss of purpose and passion for life.

Kezia Says...

 I loved conceptualising and realising the dream that was my resort Shanti Som. The clients, including celebrities, loved what I shared with them. But I could not reach people who needed my wellness and healing programmes and who could not make it to treatments in Spain.


I needed a way to touch people’s lives whenever and wherever they would need me and not be restricted and be dictated to by their busy lives permitting them time away, time to breath. I needed a formula for giving retreats in any location, at any time and personalise it to the individual’s needs. So I developed KEZIA WELLNESS RETREATS, healing whenever and wherever you need it.”

– Kezia Kaur.

Steinturm im Sonnenaufgang

Kezia Kaur is an inspirational healer, holistic therapist, integral Life Coach, philanthropist and Raja Yoga teacher with over 25 years of experience in wellness. Since 1988 Kezia Kaur has dedicated herself to helping people to feel and look good from the inside out, to find their balance and live their “best life”.


Kezia is an accomplished wellness entrepreneur. In 2010 she was founder and owner of Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat, the first Asian style health retreat in Europe, located in Marbella, Spain. It was designed as a haven for healing in which people came to take time out to strengthen and rebuild themselves mentally, physically and emotionally.


Following her exit from the world of physical retreat resorts, Kezia has developed KEZIA WELLNESS RETREATS which offers BESPOKE BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCES around the world or just around the corner from you.

Our team

Mourad Sahnoune – Harsukh Singh

Mourad received his classical training in the ancient art and science of Kundalini Yoga at SKY (The School of Kundalini Yoga UK).


His mentors included world-renowned teachers such as Gurunam Dr Joseph Michael Levry, Guru Dharam Singh, Darryl O’Keefe and Bridget Layton Minor, all of who had previously been students of the late Yogi Bhajan.


Having trained and practiced with many great yoga teachers around the world since he left his career as a chef and restaurant manager (Paris, New York, Goa, London and Marbella) to experience the life transforming of Kundalini Yoga.


Mourad has started teaching classes in London at Alchemy in Camden then moved to Marbella to become the yoga teacher in house of the Well-Being resort Shanti-Som for the last past 2 ½ years. He runs yoga retreats combined with nutrition, in Andalusia (Spain), Provence (France), Marrakech (Morocco), all year around.


He shares this ancient practice from a deeply intuitive place and welcomes students to dive into their being, into the silence and inner knowing and then move from that place.
As a Kundalini yoga teacher he empowers his students to develop a practice they can take anywhere.
Mourad teaches students of all levels of fitness and experience and focuses on creating a joyful learning environment that is safe, accessible and effective for all.


He believes that the practice of Kundalini Yoga delivers amazing immediate results and profound long-term benefits. Kundalini Yoga is safe, simple, and comprehensive.
As a teacher, what I love most about Kundalini Yoga is that anyone and everyone can do it!

Learn about Kundalini Yoga


Sofie, our Pilates teacher, has over 18 years experience within the fitness industry.

She has dedicated the past few years to the Pilates Method, as she believes it to be so beneficial,not only for the body, but mind and soul too.

She is passionate about her profession and her life quote is “The greatest wealth is health”.


Alongside teaching my clients how to effectively and efficiently reach their fitness goals, I work on all the other areas of their lives that maybe effecting their progress.

Nutrition is an important factor in successfully achieving your fitness goals, so I will look at this area, starting with a food diary, and then advise and support you throughout our training together.

I am a Yoga Teacher and have a background in Dance and Gymnastics, which has given me an indepth understanding on the importance of developing and maintaining a strong core and the value of using breath to maximise workouts. I also know what hard work feels like.

Each workout will be interesting and tailor-made to suit your needs!

I can help you with:

  • Fat Loss and Nutritional Guidance
  • Core
  • Cardio Boxing
  • HIIT
  • Bodyweight Exercises
  • Stretching and Toning
  • Yoga and meditation

My job is to make sure you reach your goals safely, effectively and at a pace that you are comfortable with. I believe that as we only have one body we should try to make the time to look after it and appreciate it’s value.


Lori Sjollema has devoted herself to learning and moving the body for over 30 years.


She has trained since then extensively in various yoga traditions and influences. While the foundational structure of her classes is at present primarily based in the Anusara Yoga method, she also integrates other styles that have influenced her on her yogic path including the movement of Vinyasa Flow, the precision of Iyengar, and her love for Ayurveda, Meditation, Philosophy and Self-understanding. Lori skilfully weaves themes through her classes so that each student experiences a journey that goes beyond just moving the body and that moves deep into the heart.


She teaches a flow-style Yoga with deep respect for alignment and the benefit of restorative postures using the breath and real life attention cues towards opening the body, mind and the heart. She teaches with sensitivity and strength inspired through the teachings passed on from a range of disciplines and Master teachers to whom she is forever grateful.



SKYPE COUNSELLING – if you can’t attend a retreat, you can still benefit from Kezia’s life-changing counselling and coaching with personal consultations on Skype. Book your first complimentary 15 minute session with Kezia today to discuss your individual needs & assess how to help you achieve your goals.

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About Us

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text] Kezia Wellbeing Retreats offer to take you on a journey of Transformation, combining holistic activities such as Yoga and Meditation with complimentary healing therapies, life coaching and counselling set in stunning worldwide locations or on your doorstep...

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