Spa Consultancy Service

Do you know how good your spa really is?

As a spa owner or manager you do your best to create a wonderful experience for your guests, but are you sure you know how good it really is?


The problem is that guests are not always honest about their experience, as they don’t like to complain, friends and family will often tell you what you want to hear, and as the boss you will always get a VIP treatment, so getting real intelligence is hard. This is where a spa mystery shopper comes in.


A spa mystery shopper is a trained and experienced professional, who is briefed by the client on their aims, their identity, any particular procedures that staff should follow and any areas of concern the management may have. They book in as a normal client to try a range of treatments and experience the spa, just as your guests do.


Following their visit, they prepare a detailed report, rating their experience against particular goals and benchmarks and also offering feedback on the experience in general terms. They then meet with management to discuss their findings and highlight areas where improvement needs to be made. They give practical ideas for staff training and easy improvements to make which will have a big impact on the overall experience and can also walk the team through it as a neutral party, helping the management to start implementing change.


Kezia Kaur has over 25 years’ experience in wellness, including creating the incredible Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat from concept to reality and achieving great success. She is now running Kezia Wellness Retreats and is applying her skills, experience and excellent coaching and mentoring skills to offer spa owners consultancy and mystery shopping services.


By using someone as experienced and senior in their field as Kezia, you know that you will receive the most useful feedback and hugely valuable advice and consultancy services as well as secret shopping. She can also train the staff for you and help you to implement change over the short or long term, adding a valuable resource to the spa team and ensuring changes are made and all the staff are on board. Kezia can travel to spas all over the world and tailor consultancy and secret shopping packages to your needs. Find out more about her spa consultancy services here, you can contact Kezia by calling 00 (34) 663 32 04 55 or emailing

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