We offer health knowledge and weight loss – for life

Have you ever asked yourself why you haven’t lost weight with all those diets? Did you know that weight problems could have a connection to other health issues, like stress, emotional issues, food intolerances or insomnia? Our main objective is to offer you the specific tools you need to manage your own health and weight. And no, it is not boring and the food is delicious. We guarantee you a fantastic and fun stay with us to remember for life.

At Kezia Retreats Weight Balance Program we combine health courses and detoxing along with simple Yoga and breathing exercises for you to bring back home. They are simple but fantastic exercise for health – and they work!

Using a holistic approach, you will be guided towards a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally through personalized fitness sessions, healthy diet and slimming therapies. You decide your goals, we provide the tools. Important though, is that you learn how – our goal is to teach you for life!


There are no quick-fixes, we teach you why. There are no miracle diets, we teach you why.

At all retreats we teach you the basics concerning our health;

  • nutrition
  • detox
  • physical exercise
  • sleep and rest
  • breathing
  • mental health

Retreat at a glance before you arrive:

A health questionnaire will be emailed to you which we kindly ask to fill out and send back to us so we can prepare and where necessary personalize your weight loss retreat to your specific needs where possible.

The Weight loss Retreat Programme

  • Six nights accommodation in a destination and budget of your choice.
  • Five days of delicious, fresh, weight loss cuisine.
  • 3 Yoga or Pilates classes in group.
  • Two guided walks or power walk on the beach.
  • Five personal fitness training sessions. These can be private or group sessions.
  • Slimming Treatments and Massages (optional)
  • 3 days retreats also available

skypeSKYPE COUNSELLING – if you can’t attend a retreat, you can still benefit from Kezia’s life-changing counselling and coaching with personal consultations on Skype.

Book your first complimentary 15 minute session with Kezia today to discuss your individual needs & assess how to help you achieve your goals.

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