Shanti-Som Marbella

From Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat Marbella to One to One ‘Therapy and Coaching’

My name is Kezia Kaur and I was the original founder of Shanti Som. As many of my regular clients will know, for many years I have had a dream. That dream was not just about fulfilling my own ambitions of helping people with all types of life ‘crises’, it was about creating a concept of helping one another and giving back to those in need.


Originally I created Shanti-Som Day Spa long before I founded the Shanti Som Yoga retreat in Andalucia. I offered clients bespoke services designed to help them deal with the stresses of everyday life through yoga, massage, holistic therapies, counselling and life coaching.


Very quickly people started to learn about my healing therapies and I gained clients from all over the world with many different life issues. People with terminal illnesses, people with stress and burn out, depression, bereavement, anxiety, panic attacks, as well as clients for detox and weight loss.


That is how Shanti Som (Shanti-Som) first came about.


Years later, after helping literally hundreds of clients put their lives back on track through various natural healing and relaxation therapies I decided to expand Shanti-Som and take it to a new level where people could book a few days or even a few weeks away in the beautiful Marbella countryside.


The Shanti-Som Yoga and Wellness Retreat and Spa Marbella


Having sought the ideal location for a number of years I at last found the idyllic spot in the mountains above Marbella. It was a place where nature was at one and the energy was perfect to start the healing process for thousands of people.


Together with my team of therapists I set about creating a healthy hotel and spa. We had classes for many different issues and gained a huge client base as a weight loss retreat, a yoga retreat, somewhere where people with burnout could come and spend a few days, weeks or even months to regain their positivity and get back on track.


For me Shanti-Som was about helping and caring it was about health and nature it was about coaching and teaching. Unfortunately my partners were more commercially minded and it began to become too mainstream and more of a spa hotel.


I knew that I needed to get back to helping in the way I have always done it, one to one, with bespoke treatments based on a client’s exact needs and requirements. So with a heavy heart I made a huge life decision myself and I walked away from Shanti-Som Marbella, the business and concept I had created many years ago.


Within days I realised that it was my opportunity to start doing what I became so known for originally. Now with months of preparation and planning I am pleased to bring you Kezia Wellness Retreats. But as you will see from my site, it is totally unique and bespoke. It is not about the masses, it is about you!

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