Special Yoga for Kids in Marbella

Yoga Is Improving the Lives of Children with Special Needs

Special Yoga Foundation was established to provide yoga as a therapeutic intervention to children with special needs throughout the UK and across the world. All children can benefit from therapeutic yoga, it offers profound and far reaching results and has helped thousands of children and their families including children with autism, downs syndrome, ADD and ADHD.

Kezia Kaur came across this therapy while searching for treatment options for her own son. She was so impressed by the technique and the results that she wanted to train in the skill and bring the benefits to children and parents like her on the Costa del Sol. She is the only provider of Special Yoga in Andalucia and can provide one to one and group classes in and around the Marbella area.

Special Yoga includes the classical yoga practices of movement, breathing, deep relaxation, as well as sound, rhythm, massage, and sensory integration techniques to help children with special needs reach their full potential. The practice helps kids to improve their motor, communicative and cognitive skills, develop their concentration, balance and composure, deal with fear and frustration and really help them in their daily lives.

Of course each child is unique and each condition brings its own challenges, but the exercises can be tailored to each person and Kezia can work with the parents to achieve the objectives that are most important for them. Here are some of the main benefits of special yoga

Reduction in stress and anxiety
Improved resilience
Developing the ability to self-regulate across environments and demands
Developing balance and the ability to relax and release tension, fear and frustration
Improved self- awareness: both body and mind
Improved motor planning and control
Improved immune function
Improved quality and quantity of sleep
Enhanced respiratory ability and capacity
Enhanced sense of well-being, calm and peace
Creating emotional balance


To understand special yoga in action, read this testimonial from a teacher at a special school using the technique and seeing real results in their class.

Kezia is planning to introduce special yoga classes in Marbella and retreats for families around the world. Please contact her and let her know what you are interested in and receive the latest class and retreat schedule. Call +34 663 32 04 55 or email kezia@keziaretreats.com

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